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Electric Strike Locks

Consumers interested in additional security may also wish to consider electrified locks as a locking choice. Electric strikes, which form part of an access control system, allows users to control which doors lock and unlock at certain times and to whom. Upgrades have focused on locking mechanisms which standalone and are battery powered. They provide a flexible and low-cost option for many consumers.

There are several important factors which must be considered when deciding among the many different types of electromagnetic locking mechanisms currently on the market. One of the most important decisions that should be made is how the consumer want the door to operate if there should be a power outage. Most powered locks or fail-secure or fail-safe. A fail-secure lock will remain in the locked position in the event the power to the lock fails. With a fail-safe lock, the lock will remain in the open position. The latter choice, of course, could result in allowing a security breach.

Consumers should also consider how they want to monitor the log and how it will integrate with any existing access control system that may already be in place. Today, many locks are manufactured in a way so that information regarding who tries to gain both entry and exit through the door can be monitored. For example, this information could be transmitted through a radio wave and then downloaded.

Electrified locks, which use powder to secure and retract the locking mechanism in the door include three major types. These are electric strikes, electrified builder’s hardware and electromagnetic locks. All three of these options can be combined with other types of mechanical hardware to control both entry and exit.

With electric strikes, the release of the locked door can be operated through the use of a remote. One of the great advantages to this type of locking mechanism is that they are available for to fit both right and left opening doors. They are also available in 12v, 24v, DC and AC. When an individual is buzzed into a building protected with this type of locking, there will be a buzzing sound emitted that comes from the AC current. Consumers can opt for a DC version that is much quieter.

Electric strike locks are commonly used with a fail-secure lock system so that the lock will remain locked even if power should fail. It should be noted that the knob or lever will continue to work, so access can be granted even during a power outage.

Monitoring functions are also available with the electric strike lock, including options for multi-voltage and the ability for the consumer to choose between fail-safe and fail-secure at the time the lock is installed.

More and more monitoring functions are also being added on a regular basis for these types of locks. Manufacturers are also making these locks far easier to install. For example, there are a number of electric strikes currently available which contain the ability to adjust according to misalignment in the frame or door. Prices on electric strike locks range between $50 and $1800 per door, based on specification and features selected.

Consumers who would like to know more about electric strike locks and whether they may be right for their particular situation and environment should contact a locksmith for a consultation. If you do decide that an electric strike lock may be right for you, installation is generally fairly quick and can be handled in well under 15 minutes. Ask a locksmith today if an electric strike lock would work for you and how you can customize it to monitor entry and exit.
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